Upcoming Programs and Events

​Ohmkaram Presents "St Louis Express" Dance Forms of Kerala
June, 27th 12:00 Noon CDT
Mohiniyattam, Chakyar Koothu, Ottamthulal, Kathakali

Donations are welcome. All donations go to the Ohmkaram Scholarship.

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a Registered, Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Ohmkaram, Kerala Hindu Organization in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA was founded in 2006 to promote awareness of Kerala Hindu culture, arts, and tradition through community participation.  Ohmkaram promotes the Malayalam language and literature.  We facilitate and encourage members and youth to participate in community service.  The organization will serve as a platform for the effective networking for anyone interested in Kerala culture, irrespective of race, religion or national origin.

For more information contact Sunil Krishnan 314-397-2652 or email us at info@ohmkaram.org
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