As part of the stated objective to promote Kerala Culture and Arts, Ohmkaram is conducting Saint Louis Vallomkali (or boat race) since 2014. It takes place in fall every year at the Creve Coeur Lake in St Louis County, Missouri. This is a public event open to all. Teams of 4 people race for Natesan Madhavan Trophy. Anyone interested to participate please contact us. 

Natesan Madhavan Manchira Rolling Trophy

Annual Saint Louis Vallomkali Competition
3rd Annual Saint Louis Vallomkali coming in September 2016. 
Check here for date and time.
2nd Annual Saint Louis Vallomkali 
  Winners: Amit Prayaga, Prasad Malamel and Sudhir Prayaga
1st Annual Saint Louis Vallomkali 
Winners: Ananya Pillai, Anilkumar Pillai and Prasad Malamel