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Malayalam School Curriculum

Ages of 4 and 5 Years old:
We focuses on teaching vowels, consonants, words, songs, stories etc. from texts that are read aloud to children and presents activities that help young children make sense of new words.
Parent must accompany the student.

Beginner class:  
Read and write: Vowels, count numbers in Malayalam, colors

Intermediate class: 
RequirementsNeeds to Know Vowels.

Consonants | Modifiers |  Conjunct and Half Consonants |  Vocabulary |  Sentence creation

Advanced class: 
Requirements: Needs to Know Vowels, Consonants, Conjunct Consonants and Half Consonants. 

Read and write sentences and paragraphs, vocabulary, present/past/future tense, first/second/third person, plurals, compound words, conversations in Malayalam.

Advanced class students get an opportunity to volunteer for beginner class for the last half hour of our class.

Other activities for all classes: 
Poems, bingo, word search games and Interactive sessions.

For more information contact Anjana Prayaga at 636 293 1174

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Malayalam is the principal language of the South Indian state of Kerala and also of the Lakshadweep Islands (Laccadives) of the west coast of India.

Phone: 636-293-1174

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