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Kalakriti 2022

Rules and Regulations

Kalakriti will start at 2:00 pm @ Ballwin Pointe on October 29, 2022 
Exhibition and Painting competition OPEN to ALL AGE groups (yes, even adults can showcase their talents)


Due to limited availability of space and material we encourage early online registration. Spot registration is subject to availability of spots and supplies and will be on first come first serve basis.


“All Exhibitors will have to sign a disclaimer that the exhibits they are bringing are their own and that Kalakriti /Ohmkaram is not responsible for the validity of claim and will not responsible for verifying the claim. The artists /parents of the artist are solely responsible for the safety of the exhibits and Kalakriti /Ohmkaram will not be responsible for any damage to exhibit and will not provide any compensation including monetary.” 

“All Participants have to sign waiver giving rights to use the images of their art by Ohmkaram to promote art and Indian culture but not for commercial use”


● $10 for each spot (48"x36").
● Will provide trifolds / table to display the exhibit.
 ● If separate stand are needed, it has to be arranged by the artist.  
● Please provide a small description of your exhibit ​(not more than Half page) and display with the exhibit along with Artist’s name and Grade (if in school).
 All Participants will be getting a certificate.

NO Fixtures/Displays on the Walls  


● $10 for each participants.
 ● All participants will be getting certificate.
● Painting competition will start at 3 pm and end at 5 pm.
● Paper and colors will be provided (personal material not allowed).
● Drawing board will not be provided. 
 ● Artists will be divided into Groups for competition based on grade (elementary/Middle /High School) and adults. 
● Themes will be provided on the spot. 
 ● 2 Judges will be grading on each category on a scale up to maximum of 10. Winners will be decided on the highest score. It will be followed by prize distribution. 
 ● Each group will have 2 prizes. In case of tie, winner will be decided on the basis of DOB – younger first.