5th Annual Saint Louis Vallomkali: FAQ
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FAQ: Rules, Regulations and Information about 
Ohmkaram Vallomkali Competition

1.Ohmkaram Vallomkali this year is scheduled for September 15 at Creve Coeur Lake.

2.In the event of any natural cause the organizing committee reserve the right to reschedule the event to an alternate date, time and or place.

3.Registration deadline for Vallomkali competition is 1st September 2018

4.Registration can be made online on our website or contact the organizers. 

5.Any late registrations may be approved at the discretion of the organizing committee.

6.Registrations are accepted only as a team not exceeding three members in a team.

7.Every team members should be of 16 years or older to take part in the competition.

8.Registration fee is $30 per team and should be paid at the time of registration.

9.Registration fee includes cost of canoe and paddle rental for 3 team members.

10.Registration fee once paid is non-refundable upon cancellation for any reason.

11.Each member of a team is required to complete waiver agreements from Ohmkaram and canoe rental company before taking possession of the equipment or commencing for the competition. 

12.All team members should provide suitable ID such as Driver’s License. Failure to do so will disqualify the entry to the competition. 

13.By registering to the Competition, participants warrant that all information submitted is true, current  & complete and agree to abide by the rules of the competition. 

14.For the safety of all our participants, participation can be refused to anyone under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. 

15.It is the responsibility of each team member to arrive on time for the competition.

16.In the event of any dispute regarding the rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to the Vallomkali Competition, the decision of the judge(s) shall be final and no correspondence or discussions shall be encouraged.

17.The participants can only use equipment (canoe / boat) provided by the organizers for the competition. 

18.All team members are required to wear safety equipment provided by the organizers during the competition. 

19.Competition rules and criteria will be announced by the organizing committee at the time of  competition, including assigning competing teams in the initial rounds.

20.Contact information: Call/Text: 636-293-1174 or Email: info@ohmkaram.org